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For the past 30 years give or take our family has joined our larger family in an annual trek to Florida to celebrate Thanksgiving. We grew from 7 adult children and their partners to now between 24-30 plus people joining in. Each year a different configuration with a primary group has returned year after year.

Being that I am one of the adult children who moved away immediately after college to the East and never returned to live in my hometown of Detroit (Huntington Woods) it has been a wonderful opportunity to reconnect year after year.We’ve been blessed with 3 lovely children of our own, ages 25- 31 and over the years have included different partners at different get togethers. This is the 2nd year one of our own will not be with us having just moved to the West Coast from the East coast just 3 weeks ago. Next year the plans are to have all 3 together to continue the tradition and join us once again.

Every family enjoys a space in a rented condo in our parents complex and get together daily  for grandma’s pancakes, hanging on the beach and nightly for dinner.  Of course some watch the Michigan game when ever it is on.  I treasure the memories of all the cousins growing up together from babies to adulthood to parents themselves.   Traditions.  Our traditions are slowly beginning to change, sadly this year there is no more pancakes with grandma in the mornings.

We still have 4 generations joining us and of course Karaoke on Saturday night! For my family of 5 it has been a get together filled with warmth, love, laughter along with a check point of the past year and the one to come. Having lost one of our elders this past year this Thanksgiving this year is all that more meaningful.

I am grateful for the traditions our parents have passed on to growing generations to come and appreciate the warmth and sun that has shined on us all.

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  1. Betsy Pfau says:

    Fond story through the years…I, too, come from Huntington Woods, but if you read mine, my last trip to the Woods wasn’t so happy.

  2. John Zussman says:

    Thank you for sharing this piece of our family Thanksgiving tradition. It was a gift from our parents, especially to their grandchildren. And inevitably a bit bittersweet this year. Welcome to Retrospect.

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