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Prompted By Pandemic Holidays

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My first Thanksgiving as a married woman, I invited my in-laws to our tiny apartment. I bought a Ready-to-Cook turkey, unwrapped it and stuck it in the oven, as instructed. I folded up the couch-bed and readied the living room to receive guests. I made the stuffing, cooked the yams, opened the cranberry sauce and sliced it nicely onto a platter. After a couple of hours, my husband came back from his medical school gynecology shift and asked, “What’s that smell?” He opened the oven, slid the turkey out, reached into its crotch and pulled out the smoking giblet bag.


Retroflash-100 words

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  1. I guess that gynecological training really came in handy! Sort of a “busman’s holiday” Retroflash? But given his profession, I’m glad that the smell referred to in the title was just the giblet bag starting to burn, and not any other odor calling on his clinical skills. Thanks for this holiday memory.

  2. Suzy says:

    Wow, Penny, this is a fabulous RetroFlash! You pack so much in (no pun intended) that I wasn’t sure it was only 100 words, but I checked and it is! It would be great if you wrote “RetroFlash – 100 words” below the story so that a search for either of those terms would bring it up.

  3. Wow Penny what a way to impress your new in-laws!

    Do you remember the Mr Bean movie in in which he’s stuffing an enormous turkey and realizes his watch is no longer on his wrist?

  4. Laurie Levy says:

    LOL, Penny! I could easily have done that as well, but I had my mother hovering over me in the kitchen.

  5. Marian says:

    I’m sure you’re not the first person who has left the giblet bag in, Penny, nor will you be the last. Your RetroFlash recounted the incident perfectly.

  6. Betsy Pfau says:

    As Dale already says, I’m glad it was only the giblets! You set us up for something much more dire. You paint a vivid picture of starter apartments with a few phrases. You put me there, Penny. I can smell those giblets smoking.

  7. Wonderful RetroFlash, Penny…with a humdinger of an ending!

  8. Really wonderfully delivered story, Penny. I felt that you were telling me a joke, and a good one at that.
    Full disclosure re giblets in a bag: been there; done that!

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