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Not me but could be


  • It’s me not I. Between you and me, while I may sound more intelligent, it’s wrong.
I forget what #10 was. Getting harder to remember stuff.


  • Emails multiply like rabbits. Give to one cause and 50 more appear.


  • Vehicles blocking streets when there’s room to pull over. Greatest offenders — Amazon delivery trucks.


  • Spam phone calls. I block you but nevertheless you persist.

  • Phishing during the pandemic. Click on nothing.


  • COVID rules? Everyone has their own CDC guidelines, kind of like keeping kosher.


  • Somebody knows everything about me on the web.


  • Gossip. Just don’t.


  • Remember Charlotte’s web. Don’t brag.



  • I forget what #10 was, so getting more challenging to remember stuff.



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Characterizations: funny, right on!


  1. Betsy Pfau says:

    Great list, Laurie! I can relate.

  2. John Shutkin says:

    These are just great, Laurie. Indeed your #1 is the same as Suzy’s.

    I am not sure if these are my top ten, but they are all somewhere high on my list. (I particularly like #9 and whatever #10 would have been.) So (to cite myself), obviously great minds are thinking alike.

  3. Suzy says:

    Great list, Laurie, I agree with all ten of them! Including forgetting what you were going to say for #10, lol. As you will see in my story, I go on at great length about “me” and “I.” You said it much more succinctly.

  4. Yep. we’ve suffered them all Laurie!
    And how about trying to by-pass the recording and getting a real life agent on the phone!

  5. Khati Hendry says:

    Reminded me of David Sedaris “Me Talk Pretty Some Day”. You hit a lot of really annoying things there. Don’t worry, number ten will come, probably with numbers eleven, twelve, and thirteen.

  6. What’s funny is that I’ve heard people correct other people for saying “me” instead of “I.” It’s crazy…as if “me” is to be avoided whenever possible.

    I’m with you on #10!

  7. Love it, Laurie. Great selection of pictures.

  8. Marian says:

    Terrific, Laurie, especially love the COVID rules being compared to keeping Kosher!

  9. Hey, wait a sec: I taught Charlotte’s Web in my children’s lit class and you overlooked that the web also came out with much more laudatory words, like “some pig.” In any case, Wilbur wasn’t responsible for whatever Charlotte decided to write/weave, was he?
    You sure are right about those blocked calls that keep on coming! How many different numbers does Marriott have? And does it always have to be the same woman’s voice? Why not throw in a Brit accent or something that might make me enjoy listening?

    • Laurie Levy says:

      Dale, I love Charlotte’s web. Read it to all of my kids. I raised my kids to be humble — no bragging. It’s not the talent you are born with, but rather what you do with it. At any rate, bragging in all forms remains one of my pet peeves. One other question. Whatever happened to cell phones being free to junk calls? You are right. Blocking does no good.

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